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Kat trains and consults in person or on-line with Executives, Realtors, Attorneys, Managers, Board members, Community Association Managers (CAMs), Human Resource Professionals, Educators, and individuals who want to incorporate core Mediation and Conflict Resolution principles into their professional and/or personal life. Attorney Marquis instructs on topics such as Litigation Avoidance, Conflict Prevention, Conflict Management, Conflict Resolution, Core Mediation Skills to resolve disputes, Effective Annual/Board Meetings, Association Rules, Legal Remedies, Best Practices, and other matters.

Marquis Mediation training seminars are CEU-credit approved by CAMICB, the New Hampshire Real Estate Commission, and qualify for CLE credit with the New Hampshire Bar Association.

Marquis Mediation offers the following Training Classes:

               (New Hampshire and Maine Real Estate Commission CEU-Credit Approved)

  1. Dealing with the Difficult: How Realtors can Use Core Mediation Principles & Conflict Resolution Skills and Strategies to Help Deal with the Difficult and Make a DEAL (1CEU)
  2. Got Conflict? Here’s How to Resolve It:Conflict Resolution is a Realtor’s Solution! (2CEU)
  3. Win-Win Without Giving In: How Realtors can Maximize Mediation Techniques and Conflict Resolution Principles to be a Deal-Maker (3CEU)
  4. Top 10 Commandments for Real Estate Professionals: Effective Communication Strategies including Power Phrases and Danger Phrases for Real Estate Professionals (3 CEU)

                                                         (CAMICB CEU-Credit Approved)

  1. Got HOA/Condo Conflict? Here’s How to Resolve It (1.5 CEU)
  2. From Complaint to Resolution! (How Management Companies Should Deal with Social Media and other Complaints against Them) (1.5 CEU)
  3. Top 10 Tips & Techniques to Avoid Being Sued (1.0 CEU)
  4. Broken & Bruised by HOA/Condo Disputes?How to Manage Conflict Effectively (1.5 CEU)
  5. Many Facets of Mediation: Mediation use and benefits to resolve Community Association Conflict (1.5 CEU)
  6. Community Associations Save Time and Money when they: “Mediate, Don’t Litigate” (1.5 CEU)
  7. Maximize Mediation: Win-Win Without Giving In (1.0 CEU)
  8. Banish Bully & Other Bad Behavior: Dealing with the Difficult in Community           Associations (1.5 CEU)  

                            (New Hampshire Bar Association CLE Credit Courses)

  1. Got Conflict? Here’s How to Resolve It: Core Mediation and Conflict Resolution Training for Attorneys to Sharpen their Skills (2.0 CLEs)
  2. Out of Order! Dealing with Difficult, Disruptive Behavior:  Attorneys Learn Conflict Resolution Tips, Tricks, and Techniques for Taming Toxic, Tyrant Behavior (2.0 CLEs)
  3. Broken & Bruised by Conflict & Disputes? How to Manage Conflict Effectively: The Do’s & Don’ts of Conflict Management for Attorneys (2.0 CLEs)
  4. Keep It Cool: Easy Ways for Lawyers to De-Escalate Legal Conflict: Attorneys Learn Core Mediation and Conflict Resolution Skills to De-Fuse and De-Escalate Conflict (2.0 CLEs)
  5. The Top 10 Commandments of Clean Communication for Legal Professionals: Conflict Resolution Training to help Attorneys Communicate more Effectively to Avoid Conflict in their Legal Practice (2.0 CLEs)
  6. Win-Win Without Giving In: How Attorneys Can Maximize Mediation Techniques to be  Deal-Makers and Learn Proactive Approaches to Conflict and Dispute Resolution (2.0 CLEs)
  7. Advanced Mediation & Conflict Resolution Training Program: “Resolve Conflict Like a Masterful Mediator”: Learn to Master Mediation  and Conflict Resolution Methods with Secrets, Skills, and Strategies to Strengthen your Dispute Resolution Skillset to resolve conflict like a  Masterful Mediator≈  NH Supreme Court Rule 53 & Superior Court Rule 32 (c) (4) (b) requirements met (8.0 CLE creidts)