Attorneys that learn and use core mediation principles and specific conflict resolution skills can decrease discord and increase peace and productivity in their practice. Litigation-avoidance is a great skill to master, even when you are a master litigator. Resolving legal problems and negotiating better deals results in increased client satisfaction, client retention, and attracting new clients.

Marquis Mediation, LLC provides On-Site CLE training at your office or facility. Training at your location, when it suits you, to fit your business needs, makes obtaining your CLE credits cost-effective and convenient.

NH Bar CLE Credit Courses:

  1.  Got Conflict? Here’s How to Resolve It: Core Mediation and Conflict Resolution Training for Attorneys to Sharpen their Skills (2.0 CLE credits)
  2. Out of Order! Dealing with Difficult, Disruptive Behavior:  Attorneys Learn Conflict Resolution Tips, Tricks, and Techniques for Taming Toxic, Tyrant Behavior (2.0 CLE credits)
  3. Broken & Bruised by Conflict & Disputes? How to Manage Conflict Effectively: The Do’s & Don’ts of Conflict Management for Attorneys (2.0 CLE credits)
  4. Keep It Cool: Easy Ways for Lawyers to De-Escalate Legal Conflict: Attorneys Learn to use Core Mediation and Conflict Resolution Skills to De-Fuse and De-Escalate Conflict (2.0 CLE credits)
  5. The Top 10 Commandments of Clean Communication for Legal Professionals: Conflict Resolution Training to help Attorneys Communicate more Effectively to Avoid Conflict in their Legal Practice (2.0 CLE credits)
  6. Win-Win Without Giving In: How Attorneys Can Maximize Mediation Techniques to be Deal-Makers and Learn Proactive Approaches to Conflict and Dispute Resolution (2.0 CLE credits)
  7.  Negotiation Ninja! Everything is Negotiable When You Know How to Negotiate! Tips & Techniques from Harvard Law School, Harvard Business School, MIT, Stanford, Columbia, FBI Hostage Negotiators, Social Scientific Research Studies, legal and other negotiation experts. Attorneys can Improve their Negotiation Skills with Strategies from Leading Industry Experts (3.0 CLE credits)
  8. Advanced Mediation & Conflict Resolution Training Program: “Resolve Conflict Like a Masterful Mediator”: Learn to Master Mediation and Conflict Resolution Methods with Secrets, Skills, and Strategies to Strengthen your Dispute Resolution Skillset to resolve conflict like a Masterful Mediator≈  NH Supreme Court Rule 53 & Superior Court Rule 32 (c) (4) (b) requirements met (8.0 CLE credits)

The provider believes courses meet NH Supreme Court Rule 53 and/or NH Superior Court Rule 32 (c) (4) (b) annual refresher training and annual NHMCLE requirements. New Hampshire attendees must self-determine whether a program is eligible for credit, and self-report their attendance.