Business Professionals

Training at your organization, when it suits you, to fit your business needs!

Conflict in the corporate world is costly and counter-productive. These costs severely affect the financial, psychological, emotional, and productive health of an individual or an organization.

They can also negatively impact trust and hard-earned reputations. However, when managed with knowledge, expertise, skill, and competence, disputes can be settled with creative and innovative solutions that generate value, mitigate risk, foster trust, and build solid reputations.

Conflict Resolution, Litigation Avoidance, Negotiation, Best Practices, and Core Mediation Skills training helps make effective executives, fosters a collaborative culture in your business, increases client and employee retention, and attracts new business.

Marquis Mediation, LLC provides customized On-Site training at your office or business location.  This makes training your whole team cost-effective and convenient with no travel or accommodation expenses to worry about.

Marquis Mediation, LLC offers the following Training Classes for Business Leaders:

  1. Got Conflict? Here’s How to Resolve It: Core Mediation and Conflict Resolution Training for Executives to Sharpen their Dispute Resolution Skills (2.0 hours)
  2. Dealing with Difficult, Disruptive Behavior:  Professionals Learn Conflict Resolution Tips, Tricks, and Techniques for Taming Toxic, Tyrant Behavior (2.0 hours)
  3. Broken & Bruised by Conflict & Disputes? How to Manage Conflict Effectively: The Do’s & Don’ts of Conflict Management for Business Professionals (2.0 hours)
  4. Keep It Cool: Easy Ways to De-Escalate Conflict: Business Leaders Learn to use Core Mediation and Conflict Resolution Skills to De-Fuse and De-Escalate Conflict (2.0 hours)
  5. The Top 10 Commandments of Clean Communication for Business Professionals: Conflict Resolution Training to help Leaders and Teams Communicate more Effectively to Avoid Conflict in their Organization (2.0 hours)
  6. Win-Win Without Giving In: How Business Professionals Can Maximize Mediation Techniques to be Deal-Makers and Learn Proactive Approaches to Conflict and Dispute Resolution (2.0 hours)
  7. Anger Alternatives! Healthy Anger Management Techniques: Practical Tips based on Social Scientific Research Studies to Effectively Deal with and Decrease Anger (2.0 hours)
  8. From Complaint to Resolution! (How Companies Should Deal with Social Media and other Complaints against Them) (1.5  hours)
  9. Top 10 Tips & Techniques to Avoid Being Sued: Litigation Avoidance Strategies for Business Leaders (1.0 hour)
  10. Respect & Civility in Your Workplace: Tools for Meeting the Challenges (1.0 hour)
  11.  Negotiation Ninja! Everything is Negotiable When You Know How to Negotiate! Tips & Techniques on Negotiation from Harvard Law School, Harvard Business School, MIT, Stanford, Columbia, FBI Hostage Negotiators, Social Scientific Research Studies, legal and other negotiation experts. Business Professionals can Improve their Negotiation Skills with Strategies from Leading Industry Experts (3.0  hours)
  12. Advanced Mediation & Conflict Resolution Training Program: “Resolve Conflict Like a Masterful Mediator”: Learn to Master Mediation and Conflict Resolution Methods with Secrets, Skills, and Strategies to Strengthen your Dispute Resolution Skillset to resolve conflict like a Masterful Mediator– (All day training class)