Community Association Managers

When you’ve got condo conflict, HOA headaches, or lack of cooperation in your co-op, Conflict Resolution Training is the Solution!

With the right training and education, Associations can reduce the high cost of conflict by the way they manage it. Conflict Resolution, Litigation Avoidance, and Core Mediation Skills training can benefit Boards, Community Association Managers (CAMs), and the Associations they serve.

When Boards and CAMs are trained to use conflict resolution techniques and core mediation skills, their toolbox is full of the right tools to help fix community conflict, headaches, and lack of cooperation.

Marquis Mediation, LLC’s Conflict Resolution and Mediation Skills Training Classes are CEU-Credit Approved by Community Association Managers International Certification Board (CAMICB).

Marquis Mediation, LLC offers the following Training Classes for Boards & CAMs

  1. Got HOA/Condo Conflict? Here’s How to Resolve It (1.5 CEU credits)
  2. From Complaint to Resolution! How Management Companies Should Deal with Social Media and other Complaints against Them (1.5 CEU credits)
  3. Top 10 Tips & Techniques to Avoid Being Sued (1.0 CEU credit)
  4. Broken & Bruised by HOA/Condo Disputes? How to Manage Conflict Effectively (1.5)
  5. Many Facets of Mediation: Mediation use and benefits to resolve Community Association Conflict (1.5 CEU)
  6. Community Associations Save Time and Money when they: “Mediate, Don’t Litigate” (1.5 CEU)
  7. Maximize Mediation: Win-Win Without Giving In (1.0 CEU credit)
  8. Banish Bully & Other Bad Behavior: Dealing with the Difficult in Community Associations (1.5 CEU)