In the real estate profession, agents want to close deals. Negotiations between buyers, sellers, and agents can lead to fertile ground for conflict. Realtors know that conflict is costly in terms of time, money, energy and stress. The most dynamic, successful, and effective realtors learn and actively use dispute resolution processes. Negotiation, Conflict Resolution, Litigation Avoidance, and Core Mediation Skills training helps real estate professionals make a deal.

Marquis Mediation, LLC’s realtor training seminars are CE-Credit approved by New Hampshire & Maine Real Estate Commissions.

Training Classes for Realtors:

  1. Dealing with the Difficult: How Realtors can Use Core Mediation Principles & Conflict Resolution Skills and Strategies to Help Deal with the Difficult and Make a DEAL (1 CE credit)
  2. Got Conflict? Here’s How to Resolve It: Conflict Resolution is a Realtor’s Solution! Tips/Techniques/Best Practices for Dispute Resolution in the Real Estate Industry (2 CE credits)
  3. Win-Win Without Giving In: How Realtors can Maximize Mediation Techniques and Conflict Resolution Principles to be a Deal-Maker (3 CE credits)
  4. Top 10 Commandments of Clean Communication for Real Estate Professionals: Effective Communication Strategies  (3 CE credits)
  5. Negotiation Ninja! Everything is Negotiable When You Know How to Negotiate! Tips & Techniques on Negotiation from Harvard Law School, Harvard Business School, MIT, Stanford, Columbia, FBI Hostage Negotiators, Social Scientific Research Studies, legal and other negotiation experts. Realtors can Improve their Negotiation Skills with Strategies from Leading Industry Experts (3 CE credits)
  6.  Say This! Not That! Critical Communication Skills for Real Estate Professionals: Knowing “Words to Use” & “Words to Lose”/Danger Phrases & Power Phrases helps Realtors Effectively Avoid Conflict & Make Deals. Realtors can Improve their Verbal & Visual Communication Skills with Conflict Resolution Techniques from Social Scientific Research Studies/Leading Industry Experts (3 CE credits)
  7. Ethics Made Easy- Slip Ups to Avoid & Traps for the Unwary: Agents get hands-on, Interactive Practice in handling various Ethical Dilemmas/Scenarios. Case Law & Case Studies to help Agents learn some best practices to effectively deal with & manage ethical situations in their practice are taught. Risk Management Awareness improvement and analysis of various Articles of the Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice are emphasized. *This Course Meets NAR Training Requirements.*  (3 CE credits)

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