Negotiation Ninja!


Everything is Negotiable When You Know How to Negotiate! Tips & Techniques for Realtors to Negotiate “Win-Win” Outcomes to Make a Deal

Objectives: Improve your Negotiation Skills with Tips from Leading Industry Experts

Realtors learn about Negotiation principles & practices to help them become better negotiators. Studies & Tips from: Harvard Law School, Harvard Program on Negotiation, Harvard Business School, MIT, Tufts, Stanford, Columbia, legal and other professors/negotiation experts, Social Scientific Research, as well as FBI Hostage Negotiation training are incorporated in this course. Improved Negotiation skills can benefit real estate clients/businesses. This course provides detailed analysis of specific Negotiation Techniques, what to do when you encounter an Impasse or Threats in Negotiation & How to Deal with Negotiation Tricksters or Aggressive Opponents. Realtors learn Practical Skills for improved Negotiation Abilities.

Three (3) Hour CE Course: E2188