Say This! Not That!

Critical Communication Skills for Real Estate Professionals: Knowing “Words to Use” & “Words to Lose”/Danger Phrases & Power Phrases helps Realtors Effectively Avoid Conflict and Make Deals

Objectives: Improve your Verbal & Visual Communication Skills with Conflict Resolution Tips and Techniques from Social Scientific Research/Leading Industry Experts

Conflict Resolution and Core Mediation Skills Training with an emphasis on Critical Communication Skills and Verbal and Visual Language Tips helps Real Estate Professionals Learn to Communicate More Effectively to Avoid Conflict in their Real Estate Practice, and get the Deal Done. Knowing “Words that Work” and Learning “Words to Use” and “Words to Lose” (Danger Phrases & Power Phrases) help Real Estate Professionals prevent and manage conflict in their practice. Core Mediation principles, Conflict Resolution Tips & Techniques, and Social Scientific Research studies are also taught to help Realtors Resolve Disputes, resulting in client retention and attracting new business. Licensees will Learn Some Best Practices and Learn Pro-active Approaches to Conflict/Dispute Prevention & Resolution. Constructive and Crucial Communication skills help Agents effectively communicate and prevent and resolve professional real estate conflicts.

Three (3) Hour CE Course: E2199