Win-Win Without Giving In

How Realtors Can Maximize Mediation Techniques to be a Deal-Maker
“Save Time and Money, Mediate, Don’t Litigate™”

Objectives: Learn Core Mediation principles & Mediation Tips & Techniques to help you resolve disputes/be a Deal-Maker/Save Time & Money. Learn Some Best Practices to Avoid Litigation/Get the Deal Done. Learn Pro-active Approaches to Conflict/Dispute Prevention & Resolution. Learn Benefits of Avoiding Litigation//Using Mediation (a form of Alternative Dispute Resolution “ADR”) to resolve professional real estate conflicts. Details regarding the inner workings and many facets of Mediation are emphasized. Instruction on the Specifics, Use, & Benefits of Mediation are taught.

Realtors learn about core Mediation principles and the process of Mediation as well as how it can benefit a Realtor’s clients/business. This course provides a detailed analysis of the specifics of what Mediation is, what it is not, its benefits, the process, & the types of real estate disputes that can be mediated. Examples of litigation gone wrong and Mediations gone right are discussed to highlight the differences and benefits of these two avenues of dispute resolution.

Three (3) Hour CE Course: E2095