Mediation is an informal, confidential process whereby a professional, neutral third party facilitates and negotiates a resolution to a dispute that is acceptable to all parties involved in the dispute. Mediation is conducted by a trained mediator who acts as a guide or negotiator.  Mediators are trained to deal with many issues likely to arise at a mediation, including intense emotions, lack of trust, and communication failures. The mediator helps the parties find common ground and creative solutions to find a resolution that addresses the concerns, needs and interests of the parties.


80-90% of meditations are successfully resolved with an experienced mediator. At Marquis Mediation, LLC we bring the right dispute resolution strategies to resolve disputes cost-effectively, efficiently, and with mutually satisfactory results. Attorney Marquis works to transform disagreements into an opportunity to make a deal; not go down a costly legal path.

When you’re ready to resolve your dispute, let Marquis Mediation, LLC help you find a speedy, confidential and cost-effective resolution. Mediate, Don’t Litigate.™ Our office can mediate in person or on-line to help you resolve your dispute.



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