Benefits of Mediation

                           MEDIATION IS:

EFFECTIVE: With a 80-90% success rate using an experienced mediator, mutually satisfactory results can be had by the parties.

LOW-COST: Mediation is cost-effective; saving significant money. It is substantially more economical than civil litigation.

FAST: Most mediations are scheduled quickly and most disputes can be resolved in a day or less.

CONFIDENTIAL: It is a private process not subject to public knowledge and possible media attention, as can be the case with civil litigation.

LESS-ADVERSARIAL: Disputants work together in collaboration to reach a resolution they can live with. The process prevents escalations of conflict and often helps to reduce hostility.

WIN-WIN: People who meditate reach solutions that are durable and mutually satisfying.

CONVENIENT: Sessions are scheduled during the day or evening hours to accommodate the parties’ schedules.

LOW-RISK: Mediation is low-risk versus a court proceeding which can result in judgment with negative impact to a party/parties.

Marked by a HIGH—COMPLIANCE RATE: Participants are more likely to comply with the terms of the Agreement reached, which is an enforceable contract, if they had a role in the creation of that Agreement. Mediation is the only dispute resolution process that STRENGTHENS & PRESERVES RELATIONSHIPS, making future disputes less likely.

DRIVEN BY THE PARTIES: In mediation, the parties determine the outcome with certainty and have more flexibility to come up with creative solutions that are not available in a courtroom setting where a verdict or decision is uncertain and determined by a judge or jury.

Kat has learned and practiced the art of conflict prevention and resolution throughout her career. Her legal and subject matter expertise helps move parties towards settlement. In her role as a neutral, she listens to the litigants and helps broker lasting agreements while preserving relationships and resources. Her education in the field of psychology, law, and dispute resolution is central to helping parties and counsel successfully resolve disputes.

When you’re ready to resolve your dispute, let Marquis Mediation, LLC help you find a speedy, confidential and cost-effective resolution. Mediate, Don’t Litigate.™ Our business is making your situation Conflict-Free. Please contact our office.

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