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Mediation, a form of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), is a perfect solution to resolve disputes involving Homeowners’ Associations (HOAs), Property Owners Associations (POAs) and Condominium Associations (COAs). Just about any issue can be resolved through mediation. Marquis Mediation works to transform disagreements into an opportunity to make a deal; not continue down the costly legal path.

An increasing number of states now require all parties involved with Community Association disputes to undertake mediation before filing a lawsuit and/or arbitration proceedings. Mediation is a successful avenue to resolve Community Association disputes. In addition, at Marquis Mediation, we also know from experience that mediation is less costly, less time-consuming, and altogether less combative than going to court.

Marquis Mediation, LLC also provides Consulting & Training in the following areas: Litigation Avoidance, Conflict Management, Conflict Resolution, Effective Annual/Board Meetings, Association Rules, Legal Remedies, Best Practices, and other matters.

Our Training Seminars are: CEU-Credit Approved by CAMICB.

                                         Mediation Advantages                                   Common Mediation Matters

  • It is significantly less expensive than a lawsuit.
  • The process usually takes a day or less.
  • Both parties help create the final agreement.
  • It removes the risk of what a judge or jury might decide.
  • It facilitates constructive dialogue to help both parties understand the issues.
  • It still gives parties the chance to take their dispute to court if negotiations break down.
  • The agreements reached have an +80% success rate in ending the conflict.
  • The process is confidential, with no court records.
  • There is less aggravation and stress with a speedier resolution!
Pet disputes
Satellite dishes
Finances/delinquent payments
Association negligence issues
Parking disputes
Illegal modifications
Breach of fiduciary duty claims
Noise issues
Guests and Renters
Breach of contract claims
Individual officer and director liability
Nuisance complaints
Rule Violations
Failure to hold elections                       Declarant/developer litigation
Age restrictions
Construction, maintenance, and repairs

So with a cost-effective, efficient process with benefits like these:
Mediate, Don’t Litigate™

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When your Community Association is looking for an experienced, Court-Certified Mediator to help resolve conflict with a resident, tenant, developer, declarant, contractor, subcontractor, vendor, or others, please contact our office. We would be happy to explain the mediation process and discuss how we can help you resolve your dispute effectively and economically.