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Kat Marquis at Marquis Mediation, LLC is a consummate professional who finds solutions and fosters cooperation between parties while saving clients time and the high costs of litigation. She is enthusiastic, friendly and always ready to lend a helping hand. Highly recommend!Kate Rice, Realtor. Keller Williams.

After months and months of going in circles with opposing counsel on what should have been a relatively straightforward case, the court ordered the parties into mediation.  Neither attorney had any expectation that a resolution would be reached.

Fortunately, Kat did not share our outlook.  Although she came ready, thoroughly familiar with the mediation summaries the attorneys had prepared, Kat took the time to find out what the parties were concerned about in their own words.  That organic exchange established a great starting point for ongoing discussion.

Kat gently coaxed the parties to stay focused on those core issues of concern. By the end of our session, the parties were at a table with their heads together, reviewing the documents and crafting their own solution, while the attorneys sat quietly watching on the sideline. Kat’s smart, quiet approach was just what was needed to put the parties in the right mindset to resolve their dispute.” Scott C. Owens, Esquire. Harmon Law Offices, P.C.

Kat Marquis, a former associate of McLane Middleton, engages in the mediation of condominium disputes.  As many of you know these are often prolonged and contentious controversies.  Kat has concentrated her practice in the area of condominium law for the last 9+ years and has the personality and experience to be effective in resolving conflicts in this area.  Please keep her in mind. Dave DePuy, Esquire. Director, Litigation. McLane Middleton.

Kat brings her expertise as a mediator to help parties in business disputes effectively and efficiently find resolution. Kat has years of experience as a commercial and business law attorney and brings that knowledge to the mediation table. She is skilled at dealing with people in conflict and gets to the heart of the matter– helping the parties find common ground and reach a resolution. I would highly recommend Marquis Mediation to resolve corporate and business disputes.” John Burke, CEO. Applied BioMath, LLC. 

Mediation continues to become the preferred method to settle conflict.  The experience and personality of the mediator are extremely important.  Kat’s experience and reputation in this field are well deserved, and I highly recommend her services.  If you are looking for a mediator who will handle the case professionally and successfully, look no further than Kat! Jerome Blanchard,  Esquire. Russman Law Offices.

One of the best ways to avoid, protracted, expensive and unsatisfactory litigation is to submit your dispute to mediation. Kat Marquis/Marquis Mediation will provide you a thorough understanding of the facts and law, a comprehensive analysis of the dispute and a reasoned resolution that should be satisfactory to all concerned parties. Mark Rosen Attorney at Law Schofield Law Group, LLC.